Steel Processing

Steel Image
Another benefit of being a Midwest based consulting firm – Steel. The area is rich with steel processing, forming, stamping and all things steel manufacturing. From forming coils and other products from molten metal to mid-stream value added processing, CDSL is developing an impressive resume and staff experience with the projects we’ve successfully completed.
Our experience spans full scale line integration down to retro-fit upgrade projects ensuring our clients stay competitive in a tight market.
Automation Capabilities

• Process Line/Equipment Integration
• On-Site Engineering Support
• Servo Replacements/Upgrades
• VFD Replacements/Upgrades
• PLC Retrofits/Upgrades
• HMI Retrofit/Upgrades
• Process Safety Upgrades

Process Experience

• Blanking Lines
• Stamping Lines
• Cut to Length Lines
• Galvanizing Lines
• Slitting Lines
• Hot Melt

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