Food Processing & Packaging

Food Processing
Before breakfast became the most important meal of the day, CDSL has been partnering with the country’s top food manufacturers to keep their plants running optimally. Our goal is the same every time, provide a solution that provides the best return on capital investment and turn over a solution that plant personnel can maintain day to day.
Our clients are household names on the shelves of the local grocery store and at home in the pantry. CDSL can assist you from ingredient, through processing, to the finished pallet.
Automation Capabilities

• Equipment Controls Integration
• PLC Retrofits/Upgrades
• HMI Retrofits/Upgrades/Programming
• On-Site Engineering Support
• Servo Replacements
• VFD Replacements
• Safety Upgrades
• Lock Out / Tag Out Documentation
• Specialized Equipment
• Equipment Installation Oversight
• CIP Programming / Design

Process Experience

• Packaging Equipment Upgrades
• Packaging Line Custom Integration
• Bulk Handling Mixing
• Data Collection Systems
• Metal Detection Systems
• Vision Systems
• Dry Ingredient Mixing
• Dust Collection
• Truck/Rail Bulk Unloading
• Liquid Ingredient Handling

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