PLC and HMI Programming Case Study

OEM Support

A local machine builder which builds custom industrial machinery and material handling systems was experiencing a temporary overload of programming work. Control Design Solutions, Inc. (CDSL) was retained to provide programming services for machines that were currently in production.

CDSL was involved in the projects for PLC and HMI programming. The electrical designs were completed by the machine builders’ engineering staff. CDSL reviewed the electrical documentation and was given a basic functional overview of the each machine. From there CDSL created complete functional specifications which became the basis of the PLC programs. CDSL interfaced with the machine builders’ design staff to assure that CDSL was kept aware of all mechanical changes as the machines were being built. CDSL performed the PLC and HMI programming in-house and then spent time with the machine builders’ design staff testing each machine. CDSL quickly became an extension of the team playing a vital part in the final design of the machines.

CDSL continued as a representative of the machine builder throughout the FAT and startup of the machines.

CDSL has completed several projects with this local machine builder. Our relationship has been cultivated such that we are quickly integrated into the machine builders design staff.

In conclusion, CDSL has contributed to the success of the local machine builder in the following ways:

  • being available to the machine builder,
  • being able to walk into an unfamiliar project and quickly come up to speed,
  • being able to contribute to the success of the project, and
  • by acting as a machine builder representative.

The machine builder was able to maintain their aggressive sales schedule without increasing their staff.

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