On-Site Support Case Study

Control Design Solutions has always had a commitment to provide their clients with the services that they need to get their projects operating at the desired level. This can range from construction support to check-out and start-up all the way through operator training.

A recent series of projects for a food manufacturer in the Midwest illustrates the range of on site services that CDSL is able to provide. On these projects, CDSL provided the electrical power and control design and construction documents. They also provided project management both internally and for the clients other engineering services and vendors.

CDSL attended the factory acceptance tests for several of the major pieces of equipment. When additional modifications were required on the equipment due to changes made to the packaging materials, CDSL served as the client representative at the production tests and trials at the manufacturer’s facility.

Once the design had been completed and the construction contracts issued, CDSL was asked to provide on site support during the installation. Their role was to answer contractor questions and resolve any issues due to a lack of technical expertise at the site. This enabled the project to meet its construction schedule.

During this time period, the client had a separate project to relocate a production line to this facility from a plant that was being closed. CDSL provided personnel to supervise the equipment removal and to provide documentation for the installation.

On all the projects, as construction was completed, the CDSL personnel provided I/O check-out and bumped motors to verify rotation. They then remained on site to provide assistance during production start-up.

After the lines were in production, CDSL engineers remained in the plant to work with and train the plant maintenance people on troubleshooting the line. While there they were asked to and did provide technical assistance on other lines, both existing and new.

Finally, the client wanted to upgrade some of the components on the lines and do some additional facility work. CDSL was able to provide construction administration services to fill this gap. The on site person was responsible for scheduling of the contractors, resolving problems and working with the production people to coordinate downtime.

This series of projects for a single client in a single plant illustrates the variety of services that CDSL can provide once the design has been completed.

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